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With great personality and unconventional style, the Hotel de da Ville, a four-star luxury hotel in Monza overlooking the Villa Reale is a perfect location for your corporate events, with its 70 rooms and 5 meeting rooms that can accommodate up to 150 seated participants.
It is the ideal place to carry out many of our Team Building proposals, both outdoors and indoors in the hotel meeting rooms.

Here are our ideas for activities at the Hotel de la Ville:


CONQUER MONZA (City Treasure Hunt)

Discovering the city of Monza (or Milan): a unique and exciting way to visit and learn about the beauties of a city.

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SECRET BOX (Escape Game)

An Escape Room in a suitcase, apparently impenetrable and impossible to open.

But once opened, will the secret agents know how to solve all the puzzles contained within

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To create the best short film:

an advertising spot, a promotion for the company, recreating a scene from a famous movie or inventing a short film according to the themes of the event.

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A new way of Engagement, a new type of solidarity Team Building.

Making a group, strengthening the team, helping to build smiles!

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Building cardboard cars is one of the most fun, creative and innovative activities a group can tackle.

Each team will have to make a real cardboard car and complete a relay race.

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WINE GAME (Taste & Play)

Not the usual Team Building where participants limit themselves to tasting a wine … but an activity in which they will have to create, in the true meaning of the word, the best wine and their own label!

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A Team Building in close contact with nature in a context of fun and adventure.

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DINNER GAMES SHOW (Funny Quiz & Music Entertainment)

We have created a series of formats, game evenings that allow you to transform a corporate dinner into a moment of energy and relationship.

Participants will be involved in film scenes, quizzes and games about the magical world of cinema and music… or of what we decide together!

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An intriguing dinner where everyone can participate in solving the mystery.

An unusual and fascinating evening that will remain anchored to the participants as a positive memory of the Team’s life.

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The group faces a challenge: to overcome their perceived limits and transform themselves into a true orchestra of percussion connected towards a great goal.

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BAR CHALLENGE (Cocktail Experience)

A series of drink-based challenges: recognizing ingredients, recreating a famous cocktail … and then inventing a new one, in line with the style of your “club”.

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ENERGY GAMES (Connecting People)

A series of very fun and engaging games in which the teams will compete in rotation, in challenges of ingenuity, creativity, physical tests (suitable for everyone!).

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Twelve photographic shots … the team, the spaces of the location and everything that the team’s creativity manages to come up with.

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