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Team Building

Our Speciality


Projects that focus on people, their emotions and their skills during activities that link personal and team development to the energy of the event.

Motivating moments to carry in your heart and to be used as food for thought.

Choose from our teambuilding proposals!


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Bouquet for Smart Working, virtual teams and online activities


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Virtual Treasure Hunt

Virtual Treasure Hunt

Defuse The Bomb

Escape Room Online

Cine-Music Show

Digital Team Building

Virtual Theater

Digital RisikHome

Smart Working Game

Digital Thrilling Day

Smart Working Activity

Digital Calendar Team

Smart Working Activity

Virtual Choir

Smart Working Activity

Save The Planet

Escape Room Online

Digital Quiz Challenge Live

Team Building in Smart Working

Ultimate Frisbee

ReInvent Design

La vostra arte, strizzando l’occhio al riciclo ed alla ecosostenibilità

Conquer The Office

Secret Box

A suitcase that appears unbeatable and impossible to open

The Island

A fun activity designed to develop team spirit

Bar Challenge

Passion for the world of barman and the art of cocktails

Digital Treasure Hunt

Innovative and fun activity combining art, problem solving and live action game

Carton Car Race

build a cardboard car and complete a relay race


Un team building a stretto contatto con la natura in un contesto di divertimento e avventura.

Movie Digital Hunt

Reach the places of the most famous movie scenes and reproduce them with photos and videos!

Risikamp – Boot Camp Games

Train the Team, prepare it for victory as in Risiko

Sport & Cinema

Making the best short-film

Sound Building

Transform into a real percussion orchestra connected towards a great goal

Creative Olympic Games

A mix of carefully chosen sporting and creative activities which form part of a programme that gets all the Participants actively

Escape from the City

Visit a city and embark on a journey into the mysteries hidden in the city itself

Adventure Escape

A hair-raising challenge full of adrenalin and suspense

Lip Dub & Mannequin Challenge

The viral participatory phenomenon

Taste & Play Wine Game

An elegant moment of aggregation with wine at the center and the rediscovery of dormant senses

Chorus Building

The Team’s challenge is to become a single choir


Exciting activity, in a natural and suggestive setting that creates a strong interaction between people

Snow Adventure

A series of activities, all out on the snow


Build the best cardboard boat as a group and compete in the race

Action Painting

Art becomes a vehicle for communicating and having fun, overcoming boundaries posed by verbal communication

Energy Games

A series of highly entertaining, engaging games

Family Day

A special day where employees can all share their working lives with their own families

Domino Effect

A fun, creative challenge to build the longest possible domino effect

Bike for Children

The teams challenge one another to build bicycles before donating them to children from an organisation chosen by the company

Dinner Games & Quiz Show Live

Games evenings that turn corporate dinners into energizing events that foster relationships

Creative Theater

theatre an exciting team-based experience

Musical & Videoclip

An engaging team effort involving considerable human substance and relationship building

Lego Building

The result is a shared object that speaks of the brand, its strengths and its values

Dream Sailing

Designing, planning and experiencing a sailing adventure


Missions/expeditions amidst the snow and ice

Calendar Team

Twelve snapshots… the team, the location and everything the team’s creativity can come up with

Carton Slitta

build the best cardboard sled, allowing them to take on other teams in a compelling downhill race involving a slalom through gates!

Pasta Building

Building the ideal city using pasta

Rocket Launch

Which rocket will fly furthest?

Recycle Music

All the instruments are made using recycled materials

Social Cooking

A Team Cooking activity in which we can donate them to associations

Dragon Boat

Unforgettable races on dragon-shaped boats


Becoming a High Performance Team through the metaphors of sports training

Snow Games

Snow and ice set the stage for entertaining, engaging challenges


An intriguing dinner where everyone can participate in solving the mystery

Escape Room

A challenge in which ingenuity, skill and team spirit will prove vital for solving the great enigma

Thrilling Day

Protagonists experience a crime-story first hand

Tubi Sonori – Boomwhackers

An ideal ice-breaker to create a participatory show in a short time

Re-Power Time

A series of games to break up the meeting and recharge the batteries of Participants

Spider Wool

Create a network of colorful and spectacular balls of wool to play with to the music